29.05.2020 | Begin 20:00 (CEST)


At Corona Concerts, well-known and popular artists perform in a specially built studio to bring you real concert feeling and entertainment at home!
As everyone knows by now, all shows, tours, festivals and big concerts are canceled this spring and summer. Saying this not only fans have to deal without their favorite bands for an indefinite period of time, but also artists have little opportunity to follow their usual work. To avoid a full season without music and emotions, these named artists perform live for you at Corona Concerts.
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I In 2019 the band surrounding vocalist/guitarist Chris Bay are set to celebrate their 20th anniversary this summer; then, on 23 August 2019 they’re also scheduled to release their tenth studio album, featuring the promising title M.E.T.A.L. Since their 1999 debut Stairway To Fairyland, the act from southern Germany has been synonymous with anthemnic melodic metal, driving grooves and atmospheric messages as well as optimistic lyrics. M.E.T.A.L., a unanimously impressive offering with an unusual title, is marked by these familiar characteristics but also by lots of other features. According to Bay, the unconventional title is “tongue in cheek. After all, everybody knows that we don’t exactly play extremely raw death metal. We’re happy for our music to polarise the audience, which is precisely what’s been happening since we’ve announced it on Facebook.”

I It’s obvious from the very first note that M.E.T.A.L. has turned into a release that’s bound to please Freedom Call fans in every respect. “Everybody who’s heard the album has told us that some of the tracks could easily have featured on our first recordings,” Chris Bay explains with some pride, adding: “To me such statements are a big compliment because they imply that there’s a typical musical fingerprint, characteristic Freedom Call DNA that we’ve remained faithful to.”

B Bay is referring to numbers such as ‘Fly With Us’, ‘Days Of Glory’ and ‘Ronin’ with their impressive speed and almost boundless enthusiasm which are certain to stimulate their fans’ neck and leg muscles. In other places the new album risks a degree of poignancy (‘One Step Into Wonderland’) or oozes atmospheric seafaring flair on ‘Sail Away’. The title track is relevant in a number of respects. Comments Bay: “On the one hand these kinds of pounding groove numbers are pretty unusual for us, on the other hand ‘M.E.T.A.L.’ is an absolute novelty. None less than Freedom Call founder member and former drummer Daniel Zimmermann has left his unmistakable signature on the album, recording the drum parts simultaneously alongside Kevin Kott, side by side, shoulder to shoulder. You can hear one of them on the left and the other on the right channel.” By the way: fans who are loving that unique double drum sound will soon be able to see it in a breath-taking video clip.


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