The FRIZZ universe from 1991 to the present day: the media make you feel at home
FRIZZ The Aschaffenburg magazine is published free of charge and monthly with the highlights from the scene, music, party, cinema, gastronomy, sports, art and stage. Interesting portraits of regional personalities, themed specials, illustrations, satire, gossip, picture pages, reviews as well as a look outside the box complete the entertaining portfolio of the monthly magazine. At the heart of every issue is the extensive and clearly structured calendar with over 1,000 target group-specific appointments per month for city and region.
In 2016 the MorgenWelt Kommunikation & amp; Verlags GmbH as the publisher is proud to have 25 years of 8750 FRIZZ and thus looks back on a long tradition of media making, because 8750 is not just the old postcode of the city on the A3 that is a beloved home for many. The name of the magazine has changed twice in over a quarter of a century, but the basic feeling is still the same for all makers (“Die FRIZZen”): They love what they do, they just love their home – and they think not stop at all.

FRIZZ Das Magazin für Aschaffenburg
Treibgasse 19
63739 Aschaffenburg (Germany)