Due to the current corona pandemic, with the ban of public events, concerts, festivals and cultural events of all kinds, almost all cultural-oriented employees have lost 100% of their bookings and client-related business within a very short time. The current situation is like a professional ban with ongoing costs, whereby we all fully comprehend the measures imposed.

We therefore looked at options relatively quickly to be able to pursue our passion with creative ideas, courage and passion even in times of crisis and at the same time trying to stay to independent of (the insufficient) government help plan. You can now enjoy one of these ideas!

“Getting things done independently – that was what drove us before Corona, that is what drives us now and will also be what drives us after Corona. Full steam ahead!”

Our goal is that Corona Concerts has a meaning for each and everyone.

…for the Artists:

  • The opportunity to stay in touch with their fans through a live show.
  • The possibility of doing this in full compliance with all requirements and hygiene regulations.
  • The ability to interact with their fans during the live streams.
  • The ability to independently generate funds through Corona Concerts with out any governmental support.

…for the fans:

  • The opportunity to experience their stars live via a streaming platform.
  • The possibility to interact with their stars via the comment function.
  • The possibility to freely support and donate with any given funds for charity.
  • The opportunity to purchase limited editions of the select merchandise.

…for us:

  • The possibility of raising as much money as possible for a good cause.
  • The possibility of reestablishing new ways in a completely stalled market and generating income independently to pay staff, rents, contracts and taxes without receiving state help funds.

All of our work with the bands on the production days, will be done with protection against infection and to follow a correspondingly functioning security concept is our top priority. Here are just a few excerpts to answer the most common questions:

  • All persons involved in the production wear protective masks, gloves etc. at all times.
  • The musicians and the Corona Concerts crew (technology, light, sound, stream etc.) are spatially separated from one another during the entire production and do not meet personally.
  • All of the stage production use different entrys and exits.
  • All lounge areas, catering etc. are strictly separated from each other, within the respective area all minimum distances are strictly observed.
  • The musicians are following all rules concerning specified minimum distances, on and behind the stage at all times, this is checked and monitored by Corona Concerts.
  • All working areas of people involved in production are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals (several times a day) by a specialist staff.

All income is used to pay the incurring costs (personnel, technology, materials, infrastructure, contracts and taxes. In addition, we enable bands to cover their expenses and generate a symbolic musicians fee for the show.
All funds after deducting these costs directly go to one or more charitable causes, which are determined either by us and / or the performing artist / act. In the interest of transparency, we will inform you as quickly as possible on all our communication channels when the collected donations are handed over to the recipient organizations.

We cannot and do not want to guarantee that all streamed shows will also be available on demand after the live show. The decision is up to the artist and we respect any decision in this regard. If so, we are all happy. If not, that’s perfectly ok. Because: We consider ourselves as a virtual live club. And if you miss the show of your star in your city, then you only have the option to attend another concert. Or hope that this act might perform again on another platform …
As I said, it is not in our hands.

A clear and definite NO! Everything we do is done with passion and love for a great concert experience. All of the people involved at Corona-Concerts have been active in the live music business for many years and incorporate their contacts and networks into our line-up. And this should and will be just as colorfully mixed as the crew standing behind it. Whether metal in all its varieties, pop, soul, reggae, punk or classical, whether amplified or unplugged, whether music or comedy, whether readings or cabarets – Corona Concerts is here for everyone.

In addition and only to say it bluntly in times of trolls, know-it-alls, hobby virologists, toilet paper holders and Fridays For Future: Corona Concerts is an absolutely apolitical platform with the sole aim of making fans of music/arts happy in these hard times. There will be no discussions about the virus, politics, governmental measures or anything else in this regard. Nuff said.

In order for Corona Concerts to make sense for everyone involved, the acts in the line-up must of course meet certain criteria. However, we are always looking for exciting acts and artists. Send an email to jtbooking@corona-concerts.eu and we’ll see what’s we can figure out.

We are working on the line-up and new ideas every day. Therefore, there are no fixed times for updates. Follow us on social media or check in regularly here on the homepage and you are always up to date!

Three service providers with their background in the creative and music industry are responsible for Corona Concerts:

  • Dennis Bergsch / BergschWerk Audio & Video Manufaktur operates a video and audio business and is therefore not only working with various well-known artists, but also for a number of large brand manufacturers. He is also a musician in various bands across Germany.
  • Fred Schwing / BLACKOUT Eventmanagement & more has evolved from being a comprehensive technical service provider for individual concerts, festivals, tour productions and B2B events to a full-service agency and also specializes from event management, tour planning and backline to merchandising.
  • Jens Trierweiler / JT Booking & Promotion / StageProject is in charge of streamlined conception of concerts and festivals as well as corporate events. The company also provides production managers and stage managers for nation-wide productions.

Combined they have an extensive network of specialists from all areas related to the topics of live and studio productions, audiovisual media production, booking, management, PR, brand manufacturers and more. They teamed-up as a “task force” to achieve a sustainable outcome of the Corona Concerts project success.