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Pandemic threatens the lives of millions of children

The world is in a state of emergency: the corona virus turns our lives upside down. We are all concerned about loved ones around us. We try to protect our families, support each other and show respect for one another. We must work together to curb the spread of COVID-19 and help affected people around the world.
The corona virus will hit the poorest regions of the world hard and have devastating effects. When children lose their families due to illness, they are on their own and particularly vulnerable: malnutrition, poverty, abuse and violence are often the consequences. Together we want to prevent millions of children from falling victim to this catastrophe worldwide.

In poorer countries around the world, many families do not have access to health care or clean water. There is a lack of hospitals and equipment, and medical staff is also lacking in many regions. At the same time, millions of people suffer from malnutrition and serious pre-existing conditions such as malaria, HIV or tuberculosis. For them, the corona virus is a danger to life! People in overcrowded refugee camps are particularly at risk from the pandemic. The risk of the virus spreading is extremely high here – and the effects are life-threatening for millions of children.

The children’s aid organization World Vision has been supporting children in projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa for over 60 years. As a children’s aid organization, we pursue the goal of creating a better world for children in great poverty. To achieve this goal, World Vision works in three areas: sustainable development cooperation, humanitarian aid and political work. For us as a children’s aid organization, the focus is always on the well-being and healthy development of children. We are committed to education, healthy eating, clean drinking water and good medical care in almost 100 countries worldwide.

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