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CHILDREN HITS THE CORONA CRISIS ESPECIALLY HARD! The corona virus is spreading worldwide. The virus has also arrived in the poorest countries in the world and is affecting the already stressed health systems. COVID-19 will leave many children without caregivers and parents, without school and in great danger. The situation is also worrying in crisis areas, where living conditions make it extremely difficult for people to keep their distance from each other for mutual protection, for example in the many crowded refugee camps all over the world.

Save the Children has 100 years of experience in dealing with crises and epidemics. We are now stepping up activities in the areas of health, education and child protection worldwide. Our activities in Europe focus on support in the area of ​​education and psychosocial care, while in Africa, the Middle East or Asia the main focus is on health education and preventive hygiene measures.

The Save the Children teams worldwide pull together and coordinate their aid measures. The health experts of the Emergency Health Unit, Save the Children’s emergency team, are active in many countries and are expanding their protection measures against the corona virus. In the Philippines, for example, we distribute hygiene articles such as soap and disinfectants, as well as educational materials. In Bangladesh, we set up hand washing stations in educational institutions and train children, teaching staff and school administrators. In Lebanon, the focus of activities is the protection of refugees from the contagion of the Corona virus. In addition to hygiene precautions, educational programs are also promoted. In Sudan, Save the Children works closely with the health authorities, for example in the dissemination of information material, the training of health workers, the distribution of breathing masks and the establishment of isolation stations.

Save the Children is the largest independent children’s rights organization in the world. We improve the lives of children worldwide – immediately and permanently.
Our vision is a world in which all children can live healthy and safe and grow up independently. Because every child has the right to a future – no matter where they are born.
Save the Children Germany is one of 28 country organizations under the umbrella of Save the Children International. On this page you can find out more about our organizational structure.

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