Odenwald Hospiz

The Odenwald Hospiz is a place of security. The focus of our care and support is on people, to enable them to die peacefully at the end of their lives.

We don’t have patients, we have guests. We are guests like friends. We want to enable our guests to take part in everyday life through accompaniment, palliative care, pain therapy and symptom control in order to make the last phase of their lives conscious and self-determined.

With daily routines, meal preferences, interests and relationships, we would like to give you the opportunity to largely determine your own rhythm of life yourself. It is important to us that guests and relatives can settle unfinished business in peace and say goodbye in peace. The hospice serves not only to look after and accompany guests, but also to relatives with the same focus, even after death.

The house offers space for ten guests in a warm and personal atmosphere. Everyone has a comfortably furnished single room with TV and free WiFi, which can be equipped with personal items. Relatives can also stay there or in a room in the same house.

Meeting other people is just as important as being withdrawn into one’s own area. The living room with fireplace and terrace and the large kitchen create a suitable, almost family setting. Meals are freshly prepared by our housekeeping staff and guests’ personal wishes and preferences are taken into account. The meal is offered as desired and possible together in the cozy living / dining area or in your own room.

Soothing treatment of pain and other physical complaints is at the forefront of medical care. It can be done by general practitioners and / or palliative care physicians. The care is carried out and monitored by professional nurses. It is based on the latest knowledge in palliative medicine. People are accepted regardless of their nationality, religion and belief, social position and financial situation.

OH Odenwald Hospiz GmbH
Pater-Josef-Eckstein-Str. 21a
74731 Walldürn

E-Mail: info@odenwald-hospiz.de
Telefon: 0 62 82 – 92 64 30