Würzburger Kindertafel

Eat healthy, learn better. Together against hunger.

To provide children in need with healthy break bread. That is the task of the Würzburg children’s table. That is why we cut healthy sandwiches every morning and bring them to the Würzburg schools. All of this is done on a voluntary basis and exclusively financed by donations.
Many children today are sent to school with no or unbalanced lunch. The reasons for the lack of lunch breaks are the increasing poverty in Germany and our fast-moving times.

Our future is our children. And since this future begins in school, we work right there. A healthy breakfast is the basis for concentration and fun learning. We strengthen the children with our school sandwiches. At this point we are struggling because learning is not fun with a growling stomach. And our work is successful. On average, the children improved by half a grade. This is our motivation and reinforces us in our work. We organize the production and distribution of our sandwiches. The number of school sandwiches required is determined by the teachers and communicated to us. Thus, the children remain anonymous to the Würzburg children’s table.

Due to the increasing child poverty or lack of time of the parents, many children leave the house without school bread in the morning. This makes it difficult for them to concentrate and their learning success is also considerably restricted.
Children and adolescents should develop according to their age and learn to take part in life on their own responsibility. This also happens through a healthy and adequate diet. And this is exactly where the Würzburg children’s table works.

In a voluntary work, we organize the production and distribution of lunch breaks to needy children at Würzburg schools. Every morning we fill lunch bags with healthy foods and distribute them. For this we need your diverse support.

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