Dear animal lovers, this is an urgent emergency call!

Due to the corona pandemic and the associated security measures, we had to close our visitable goods for several weeks. This causes us great financial difficulties, which jeopardizes the seamless care of our rescued animals!

You have to imagine: the closure of Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf, Iffeldorf and Deggendorf alone meant that we were missing several thousand euros a day. In contrast, there are costs for the care of our animals of 38,000 euros per day!

Of course, these measures to curb the corona pandemic made perfect sense. However, we must not allow the victims to be innocent animals! Animals that have experienced terrible suffering in their lives anyway. Who may have been hungry, mistreated, neglected, or tortured.

Humanity must not end with humans.

1. At the beginning of Aiderbichl there was no thought that animals were better people.

If an animal has an affliction, the herd will certainly not regret it or provide it with food. All in all, creation did not arise from a rib of God, and compassion, a sense of justice or mercy are not a matter of course.

2. These values ​​were created in the search of our culture for a better world imaginable.

But it is not just a single step from the Jammer Valley to paradise: from a slaughterhouse butcher to a vegan, from industrial agriculture back to a farming family association … Maximum demands can be a goal, but not the way.

3. In the wake of an outdated culture of protest, it was still believed that it was enough to charge paradise and accuse the Jammer valley.

But if compassion, a sense of justice and compassion are not simply a requirement, you cannot just complain. But you can develop it.
4. Instead of complaints and protests you need:

Solutions. Practical suggestions, political and legally binding decisions and concepts for financial implementation.

5. But animal protection without human protection has something sectarian about it.

That is why Aiderbichl is not just a memorial for animal rights and a heavenly place, but a great mirror. Our care homes and open-plan offices are reflected in the undignified handling of the animals, the laying batteries and animal transports, just as our relationship is not only with the weaker, but also with and among each other. Aiderbichl reminds us that we are a community of fate on earth.

6. When the estate opened in 2001, it was already imperative to replace the changed political situation with protest strategies and PR strategies to promote a new world with positive examples, instead of continuing to respond to the old world without resonance with dissuasive examples war.

This has now been achieved with a far-reaching media and press policy. After all, the start of a better world should not start with threats. That is why our slogan is: “Love life. Aiderbichl”. Then the good arises in our minds a million times over.

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