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Corona pandemic: This crisis is bigger than the DRC, it connects and affects the whole of society. We appeal to the community care and solidarity of everyone. Therefore #foreachother

The German Red Cross has been in use nationwide for weeks to combat the coronavirus and limit its further spread. The DRK’s full-time staff and volunteers are involved in various ways to support the authorities in the fight against the virus: For example, nationwide mobile medical practices and fever monitoring stations are used and supported by the DRK to strengthen the health system and relieve the burden on clinics. The relief efforts by the German Red Cross also focus on the care and support of the elderly and the needy during the crisis.

With the donations for the Corona Emergency Aid Fund, you actively support the work of the volunteers and the relief efforts to prevent crises.
Many volunteers are currently deployed to help the elderly and the needy in the wake of the corona pandemic. This includes, for example, psycho-social care in times of quarantine and spatial distancing. And the supply of the necessary food is also the focus of the relief campaigns: with the help of the volunteers, food delivery services are organized to protect the elderly and the needy and to reduce the risk of infection.

The German Red Cross saves people, helps in emergencies, offers people a community, helps the poor and needy, and watches over international humanitarian law – in Germany and around the world. Discover the diversity of the German Red Cross!

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