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Schools and daycare centers have been closed for weeks. Playgrounds cordoned off. Youth centers, sports clubs and music schools too. In the long run, this is a little wearable for children. But for children from socially and financially disadvantaged families, this situation is a disaster on many levels.

The living conditions are cramped, the digital equipment for learning at home is lacking and quite a few parents don’t even know how to take care of their children if the free lunches cease and short-time work or unemployment threatens. Another problem: The children and adolescents lack contact persons outside the family to get help with neglect or violence.

Violence is increasing – and nobody is there to help
The current situation and fear of losing a job create a high level of stress. Cases of psychological and physical violence against children have increased – across society, and not just where families have been conspicuous before. One problem is that many children no longer have contact persons outside the family due to the closed schools and extra-curricular facilities. But without contact with parents, teachers and social workers, much that happens in the family remains hidden.

Together with our Germany-wide contact points and children’s homes, we help children and their families where it is most urgent. Families also receive direct individual support through our Children’s Emergency Fund.

Working for children for over 45 years
As a German child welfare organization, many people stand up for children’s rights and against child poverty: Our permanent and freelance employees, our child and youth council, prominent ambassadors, our honorary board, the nationwide contact points and of course our donors.
We are all: a team for children!

Our mission: A Germany in which child-friendly living conditions prevail in the city and in the country and a society in which the children represent their own interests. Because we know that children can.

The German Children’s Fund has been working for children in Germany for over 45 years. Children’s rights – law that has been in force in Germany since 1992 – form the basis for this. Their publication and implementation in society and politics are the starting points for our work.

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