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Animal shelters are also suffering from the consequences of the current situation: They have to close their doors for volunteers to protect their employees. You can transfer fewer animals to a new home and still take in new protégés. In addition, they are receiving fewer and fewer donations and are unable to hold important fundraising events such as planned Easter bazaars.

But the work of the animal shelters is essential and important right now. We currently receive many inquiries from our member clubs and animal shelters and try to help everyone if possible. Please support us with your donation so that we can continue to support the animal shelters, especially in times of Corona. Together for the animals!

The German Animal Protection Association was founded in 1881 as the umbrella organization for animal protection associations and animal shelters in Germany. Today, 16 state associations and around 740 local animal protection associations with 550 club-owned animal shelters / rescue stations are affiliated to it. It is Europe’s largest animal and nature protection umbrella organization and represents the interests of more than 800,000 animal rights activists from all parts of the Federal Republic.

Mission statement
Our vision
Every fellow creature is entitled to integrity and a species-appropriate life. We want this requirement to be realized for all animals – in business, research, private households and wherever people deal with animals. Our vision is a society that respects all animals as fellow creatures, shows them compassion and respect and protects them from suffering, pain and fear; that also recognizes wild animals as individuals and protects their natural foundations of life.

our mission
All activities of the German Animal Welfare Association are geared towards implementing this vision:

We stand up for the protection of every single animal – in the environment of an environment and nature worth living in.
The basis of all our engagement is animal protection with heart and mind.
We are fighting for the end of animal suffering in Germany, Europe and worldwide.
We fight to ensure that no animal suffers or is killed for human benefit.
We actively support social change towards more animal protection.
We are independent and do not seek institutional funding.

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