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Ees | German musician of Namibian descent, music producer, designer and winner of German edition of X-Factor

These are crazy times: As fans are missing out on concerts, festivals and live-shows for weeks and months to come, our whole line of concert / event business is struggling hard to barely survive!

Corona Concerts is starting the exciting attempt to help all sides - let’s do it.

Welcome to Corona Concerts!

This platform serves as a virtual live-location where bands and artists of all categories and genres can perform exciting live shows under highly professional conditions, which we will be streaming live for you.
A real stage, perfect sound, cool light show and a professional stage direction.

This is basically free of cost for the audience. But if you happen to like the performing acts please show it. You can support via the PayPal-Button, or purchase limited special merchandise right in our webshop. Only via your financial support are we able to cover the costs for the artists, the stage hands, the stage production and many other costs and fees.
And on top: All proceedings that excel the costs will be forwarded to charity!

Corona Concerts – FROM our line of business FOR our line of business. AND FOR YOU!


An entire business has come to halt.

A whole line of business which provided everyone with unforgettable experiences, emotions, lust for life and adrenalin has come to a complete halt. Festivals, Concerts, Open-Airs, Clubs, Stages … all still.
Instead of driving bass, distorted guitar solos, thousands of fans chanting and that undescribing feeling once a show opens … still.

Why there are our Corona Concerts, why the event industry should concern EVERYONE and not least out of our love and solidarity with an entire industry – our clip was created.



As a professional singer and comedian I’m revved up to represent and host these events.
Frequently I will welcome the fans watching on their very own screens, will present great streaming events and will give you an inside look behind the scenes.